Doulting Stone

Doulting QuarryDoulting Stone is named after the village in the Mendip Hills, Somerset where the quarry is situated. It is a soft shelly lime stone which is easy to work with. As well as the local parish church - dating from the 12th century, it was also used in the construction of Wells Cathedral.

There are only 3 quarries in the country quarrying Doulting stone at present. Ham & Doulting Stone own one of these which is based at Doulting near Shepton Mallet. This quarry was originally in use for centuries after which followed a period of inactivity. It was reopened 12 years ago and is in as much demand as ever.

As well as for the general construction of buildings, Doulting stone is also used in flooring, walling, windows, fireplaces along with its purely decorative properties. Wells Cathedral is a prime example of a Doulting Stone construction.

Evidence of Doulting stone can also be found in the local towns of Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury and Street.

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